Your bio is your first impression. Think of it as your elevator pitch. Here are some
tips to get you started.

  1. Present yourself
    Your bio is meant to tell people about yourself. It should be centered around
    your clients and the satisfaction you will provide them rather than your
    business goals. Your ability should speak for itself.
  2. Identify your specialty
    Do you specialize in a specific borough or neighborhood? Do you handle
    rentals or sales? Let clients know what niche you serve and why you’re the
    best real estate agent for what they’re looking for.
  3. Share your accomplishments
    Talk about some finer points of your professional experience and include
    any certifications or degrees that might be applicable to real estate.
  4. Add a personal touch
    Consider adding some information apart from being an agent. Clients want
    to know that they are working with a human – not just a salesperson. Write
    about hobbies, why you’re passionate about real estate, or how you got into
    this field.

Now that you’ve finished your bio, follow these next steps to completing your

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